I'll help You Double Your Business In 12 Months Or Less....
I'll show you how to:
Find and produce a steady flow of highly targeted leads...
Call those leads and convert them into new accounts
Generate further sales and referrals from those new accounts
"There's lots of ways to generate leads, but you still have to call them, follow up with them and sell to them..... right?" - Paul G. Walmsley
"I've never done marketing like this before, and I'm so excited for what the future holds. I now have belief, thanks in part to you, that I CAN do this, and I WILL be successful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped change my life, no exaggeration..." Dawn Clifton. Franktown, Colorado.

Paul G Walmsley is a 13 year veteran of commission only sales having earned multiple six figures a year on the telephone.  

Paul entered the world of network marketing and quickly discovered a need to help people overcome call reluctance, know exactly what to say and deal with rejection while using the telephone in their home based business.

Paul has been credited with not only saving people's careers but in fact helping them to go on to earn more than they ever thought possible. 

Paul has coached soccer for 30+ years, working with players  through club, high school, college and semi pro ranks. Paul is from England, has three amazing kids, is obsessed with soccer and enjoys a "Smiler" once in a while.

Want To Work With Paul & Double Your Sales?

Angela Gunn.

“I learned more from your three day course than I have ever learnt in my whole network marketing career. I really enjoyed your course, I didn’t want it to end.” - London U.K.

Corey Pendleton

“I have been listening to Paul for years. I have learned so much from his simple yet highly effective sales practices and it has made me a bundle of money. - Santa Monica, CA

Jackie Hamson

“Thank you Paul. That is just what I needed to hear to get me going in a different direction.” - 
Mission, British Columbia
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